Stay with J-Hoppers, Get Discount!

We stamp the sheet for each night at any J-Hoppers or Hana Hostel. You will get a discount or a special coupon on every 3rd night.

How can I get a flyer with Stamp sheet?

You can get a flyer with Stamp sheet at any J-Hoppers Hostel or Hana Hostel. You also may find our flyer at other hostels or guesthouses. You don't have to get it in advance before your checking in, we give it to you at the reception of each hostel when you check in.

What's the discount system?

We discount from 300JPY for your accommodation fees on every 3rd night.

What's the Special coupon for?

You can use a special coupon for below services at any hostels.

Bacis service at all hostels Post Card Set 5 pieces
Rental Bicycle 1 Day Free
Changeable at each hostel
*Please ask more detail at each hostel
Something special item or services at each hostel.


  • One sheet per person
    Even if you are a group, we stamp for each person.
  • Passing to a friend O.K
    You can give this stamp sheet to anybody along the way.
  • Can't combine with other sheets
    Stamps on a different sheet can not be added together.
  • Available at J-Hoppers Hostels and Hana Hostel

Kyoto Hana Hostel

kyoto hostel hana hostel

Opened in 2010, The second Hana Hostel

5 min walk from JR Kyoto Station

  • Phone: 075-371-3577
  • Address: 229, Akezu-dori St., Kogawa-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
  • Post-code 600-8149
  • Website:

Osaka Hana Hostel

Osaka hostel hana hostel

Opened in 2012, The third Hana Hostel

2 min walk from Shinsaibashi Sta.

  • Phone : 06-6281-8786
  • Address: 1-8-4, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city
  • Post-code : 542-0086
  • Website :

Hiroshima Hana Hostel

hiroshima hostel hana hostel

Opened in 2008, The first Hana Hostel

3 min walk from JR Hiroshima Station

Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Fukuoka hostel hana hostel

Opened in 2013, The fourth Hana Hostel

2 min walk to Hakata Down town

Japan Hostel J-Hoppers

J-Hoppers is the name of a hostel chain in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Takayama. J-Hoppers Ltd, runs Hana Hostel as well.

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